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Giessen B.V. was founded in 1980 by Ton Giessen under the name of Straalbedrijf Giessen.
Blasting metal and timber objects was the main activity of the business.
Initially the company primarily served private customers who came along with objects for blasting including hobby items such as parts of their old-timer cars or sections of fancy metal fencing. Within a short time, Straalbedrijf Giessen started doing work for companies in the construction industry as well.

After a period of time, the company decided to expand into the area of powder coating and set up a processing line. This was so successful that very soon it was looking for new premises in order to create new and extended services so that their customers could be dealt with faster and more efficiently.
In 1990, a new 2000 2m production facility was built which contained three blasting units, two powder coating lines and one spray booth. Straalbedrijf Giessen very soon became well known for its customer-oriented approach in the field of preservation solutions, flexibility, short delivery times and high-quality end products.

After Giessen junior joined the company in 2004, another step forward was taken and new technologies, solutions and expansion became priorities. 
The construction of new premises on the De Beitel industrial estate in Heerlen was started towards the end of 2008. A production facility of 5000 2m was built for the new blasting and flame galvanising units and spraying booths, and also the three large powder coating lines (2x for metal objects and 1x for MDF objects).

The capacity for processing products has been greatly increased which is clearly evidenced by the new blasting units and powder coating lines. The powder coating lines can handle product dimensions up to 12 x 4 x 4 metres and the blasting and flame galvanising units can handle objects up to 15 x 6 x 5 metres in size. A maximum weight of 5000 kilograms is possible with the above dimensions.

Today, 2013, Giessen B.V. introduces with proud the most advanced MDF Powder coat installation Woodcoat, making the MDF powder coating technology fully comes into its own.

This is why Giessen B.V. has the largest and most up-to-date facilities for preservation processing of any other company within a wide area.