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Wet coating

Where it is not possible to implement powder coating, e.g. due to material heat resistance levels, wet coating provides an ideal solution. The coating is…

MDF powder coating

It is also possible to powder coat MDF elements.

For more information: MDF Powdercoating

Powder coating metals

Powder coating is without doubt the surface treatment technology of the future. Powder coating not only offers excellent protection against corrosion, but it…

Flame galvanising (spray galvanising)

A zinc or aluminium layer is applied onto the surface in this process.
The process uses zinc wire held in the spray pistol itself which is melted by flame at…

Glass bead blasting

The glass bead blasting process can be applied to virtually all non-ferrous metals including: stainless steel, aluminium, copper, bronze, etc.
Using small glass…


Preparatory work on a surface is the most important factor for good quality surface treatment. Blasting is an excellent way of carrying out preparatory work…




Qualisteelcoat Label

04 November 2016

Giessen BV

Established over 30 years ago, Giessen B.V. specialises in blasting, glass bead blasting, flame galvanising, wet coating and powder coating processes on all types of metal. These processes are applied to interiors, external walls as well as in the structural engineering sector. Giessen B.V. is also experienced with preservation systems as used in the shipbuilding and offshore industries.

It also specialises in powder coatings for MDF, sheeting materials and timber for the furniture, décor, panelling and kitchen manufacturing sectors.
Thanks to many years’ experience, Giessen B.V. can guarantee top quality end-product preservation.

Their modern, 5000 m2 industrial premises which was built in 2009, contains all the blasting units, flame galvanisers, powder coating equipment and wet coat lines at a single location.
The production lines can handle both large and small series of products for either businesses of private individuals. Bulky products, weighing up to 5000 kilograms, can be processed with ease.

The company uses only the highest quality and technologically advanced equipment, while keeping an eye on all the latest developments in the field.
By employing highly-skilled professionals, Giessen B.V is able to provide top quality while remaining able to meet the enormous demand from the industrial sector, as well as specific demands from private individuals.

Flexibility, short delivery times and competitive pricing combined with top-quality end products lie at the basis of the business strategy for which Giessen B.V. is well known.